Financing Options: Short Term Rentals Available / Zero Down – Zero Payments 90 Days

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SmartGuard flexible financing options

for all our customers


1 Yr program, $210 / mo Maintenance & service Included
Leasing: 3-5-7 Years
with multiple end of lease options
Purchase: Zero Down
Zero Payments for 90 Days

*Air Disinfection As A Service

This program qualifies as an “off balance sheet” financial commitment under the new GAAP accounting leasing/rental standards.

Contact our Finance Team Now

Whether you are looking for a quick solution or to ensure future safety, we at SmartGuard are here to help. Contact our Finance Team now to find out your monthly payments!

How it Works

Financing with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Complete application

Once credit is approved our engineers will size up the building and recommend which Robot.
SmartGuard Financing Shipping Step 2


Engineering team powers up the robot and programs the site.

Robot begins disinfecting

Every single day!