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How long can the robot operate on each charge?
The 2-light engine model can run for 10+ hours depending upon the environment and the 4 light engine model runs for 8+ hrs.
How do I know which robot is right for me and how do I know how many robots my facility needs for disinfection?
This depends upon the size of the space, number of disinfection locations, and time available each day for disinfection. Our team will work with you to ensure we tailor the right robot and quantity to your facility.
How long does it take to disinfect a room?
This depends upon a room size, but a standard 10’x10’ office can be disinfected in as little as 8 minutes with our 2 light engine model and 5 minutes with the 4 light engine model.
What is pulsed-xenon and how is that different from other UVC sources?
Pulsed-xenon provides UV across a broad-spectrum of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Rather than being an “always-on” light source, the disinfection UV is pulsed every 6 seconds. The pulsed-xenon UV technology provides numerous benefits over traditional UV-C lamps, including quicker and more efficient disinfection of high-touch surfaces.
What makes your UV Robot unique?
Compared to other UV Robots the SmartGuard utilizes the latest in UV disinfection technology and combines that with the extended operating and disinfection time of our robotics platform. In addition we provide targeted disinfection as opposed to randomly disinfecting whole spaces—we focus on the CDC recommendation of high touch, high contact and transfer surfaces. The SmartGuard also provides detailed reporting of each disinfection event including, time, date, location, duration of disinfection, and photo record of event. Additionally, the report will notify the end-user of any areas that could not be disinfected due to the presence of persons or obstacles. Finally, the SmartGuard is designed to operate around persons and 24/7 environments. With built in safety features, the SmartGuardUV only requires persons to avoid being directly in front of the disinfection location during the disinfection event (less than 2 minutes). Personnel can immediately enter or utilize the space once the disinfection event is completed.
Can it operate around people?
Yes! While it is important to protect customers, employees, guests, etc. from long-term, close, direct UV exposure, we have built-in occupancy sensors and other safety features that avoid harmful exposure to UV disinfection.
How much human interaction is required?
We have designed our robot to perform its disinfection tasks autonomously without any human interaction every day. However, there are still times where it may need to be stopped or moved if blocked by other objects. This is a quick and simple process and is rarely required. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 should any issues every arise, and we spend time doing training at each deployment so everyone understands what the robot is doing and how it operates.
Does it automatically charge?
Yes! It will automatically return to its charging station when batteries reach the minimum level. In a large facility you can have multiple charging locations and the robot will choose the closest charging station
How can I get approved for financing?
You can click here to fill out our pre-approval form for financing!
Can I purchase the unit?
Yes! However, there are additional benefits with a lease or service such as our extended bumper-to-bumper warranty and ongoing upgrades to light engines and batteries as well as discounts built in for annual software costs.