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Our Disinfection Products

SmartGuard is dedicated to creating a safer environment. Our disinfection products paired with our experienced team is what makes us “The Leader in UV Disinfecting Spaces”. Our team will work with you to ensure we tailor the right products for your facility.
Mobile UV Disinfection Robot

UV Fan

Wall Mounted or Mobile Air Purifier disinfects 450 square feet.

uv shopping cart disinfectant

UV Upper Air Flow

Wall Mounted Air Purifier disinfects 1400 – 2300 cu ft of air.

UV Disinfection Locker

Disinfection Locker

Disinfects up to 50 Items in less than 5 min clinically proven.

Mobile UV Disinfection Robot

Disinfection Cabinet

Items inside the portable locker are disinfected in 5 minutes.

uv shopping cart disinfectant

SmartGuard UV Robot

Smartguard robot can disinfect up to 50,000 sq feet in 8 hours.

UV Disinfection Locker

Shopping Cart Wash

Can disinfect 20 shopping carts within 10 sec clinically proven.

Flexible Financing Options

Short-term Rental, Leasing and Purchase Options available. Financing for orders over $10,000.


1 Yr program, $210 / mo Maintenance & service Included
3-5-7 Years
with multiple end of
lease options
Zero Down
Zero Payments
for 90 Days

*Air Disinfection As A Service

This program qualifies as an “off balance sheet” financial commitment under the new GAAP accounting leasing/rental standards.

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Learn how our Disinfection products provide innovative technology solutions to industries worldwide.

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Why We are the Leading UV Robots Manufacturer, Supplier & UV Disinfection Solution Provider in the US

We provide tailored UV disinfection solution
Our staff makes sure that you get a customized, and tailor UV disinfection solution for your facility. We assess your requirements and recommend the right UV disinfection product.
We are a featured UV Disinfection Solutions Provider
SmartGuard-Disinfection is featured and recognized by many leading news and media publishing website for our innovative UV disinfection products.
Our UV Disinfection Products being utilized by Various industries and organizations

Our UV disinfection solutions are being used by various industries and organizations such as US Navy, resorts & hotels, medical centers, and corporates.

Our UV Disinfection Products are best in industry
We design and build the best UV disinfection solutions, our products UV Disinfection Robots, UV disinfection Locker, UV disinfection Cabinet and UV Fans are widely being used by various industries.
We offer UV Disinfection Solutions with Easy Finance options
Our UV disinfection products are available with easy short-term rental, leading and purchasing options. Leasing is available for 3, 5 and 7 years with multiple ends of lease options. Zero payments for 90 days.